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Welcome to Vintage Views, a part of Western-Traveler that explores out of the way places from around the World. These images, though not super high-quality do have historic value as they came from the Grace Middleton Slide Collection. She was my grandmother on my Mom’s side of the family who died back in 1998 and I came to be the Curator of her collection, which I’ve now digitized so I could share them with everyone. Some of the images I’ll present are not ones that she actually took, but probably came from Missionaries who used to stay with her family when she was young. I’ve had a lot of fun traveling vicariously through this collection, and I hope you enjoy these as well. Whenever possible I’ll let you know as much about the image (where, when and sometimes even who) but in many cases all I have is the image.

In August of 2021 my mother handed over her massive collection of photographs, dating back to the early 1950s.  While going through these I found many that I thought would be appropriate for this section, so they will now be a part of Vintage Views as well.

Last modified on: August 15th 2021.
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