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Priester’s Pecans – Fort Deposit, Alabama

One of my favorite pastimes has to be exploring out-of-the-way places for interesting sites to visit.

While on a vacation to the Gulf Coast, my wife, oldest son and I stopped by a place, right off of I-65, 35 miles south of Montgomery in Alabama that is well worth your time to visit.  It’s called Priester’s Pecans and it’s located in the small town of Fort Deposit.

Priesters #1

This little town of about 1,200 residents sprouted up during the Revolutionary War around a military ammunition depository. Also sprouting up, lots and lots of pecan trees, and that’s where this story really begins.

Priester’s has been in business for over 70 years and is a family business that focuses on everything pecan, and I do mean everything.

When automobile traffic became a regular thing by 1935 motorists were stopping by the Texaco gas station operated by Lee C. Priester on a regular basis.  As tourists’ expectations rose, and as they wanted more than just gasoline L.C. (as he was known locally) began offering them refreshments, and eventually locally-grown pecans, which became the beginning of Preister’s Pecans.

Priesters #4

Today’s visitor can easily spend half a day exploring the over 5,000 square feet of displays with every imaginable form of pecans and pecan-related products.  One great thing about Priester’s is that you can sample pretty much every manifestation of pecan they sell, for free.  By the time we left I was stuffed with the rich and delicious offerings.  And yes, we bought a ton to take home and enjoy later.

Priesters #2

In addition to the pecans you’ll find; jams & jellies, baked goods, syrup varieties, dips & salsas, smoked meats, old-fashioned candies, gift baskets & cards and frankly, way too many things to try and list here.  Hopefully you get the idea.

Priesters #3

To put it simply, the atmosphere at Priester’s is simply wonderful.  It’s a nice mix of Country Store, Christmas wonderland, and inviting Gift Shop.  They have gourmet fresh-ground coffee available and a massive assortment of gifts for the most discriminating shopper. The store is spacious and even with a full parking lot there was plenty of room for everyone to explore, without being crowded.

Priesters #5

If by some chance you’re headed south for a vacation in Alabama, be sure to schedule it so you have a chance to stop at Priester’s for a fantastic rest stop.  They have generous business hours, open 7 days a week from 8 am until 6 pm.  They’re easy to find at Exit 142 right off of Interstate 65.  If you’d like to talk to them in person, their number is; 334-227-8355.  For more in-depth information you can also check out their website.  Last and certainly not least, they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and they mean it!

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