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First-Aid Kit

It’s not something anyone wants to talk about, but problems do occur in the back country. Most incidents are minor, but even a minor problem can become a serious problem in not addressed.

My background is emergency medicine is fairly extensive. While in the Scouts, I achieved proficiency in basic First-Aid. I became an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) while in college and have spent most of NPS career working on emergency response teams. I’ve been certified in Cave Search & Rescue and Rope Rescue (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced).

Having said all that, the bottom line is that a few carefully-selected items will make for a very adequate First-Aid Kit. Here’s what I carry in mine.

  1. Moleskins (for blisters)
  2. Gauze pads
  3. Roller gauze
  4. Adhesive tape
  5. Band-Aids
  6. Advil (for sore & aching muscles and joints)
  7. Triangular Bandage (for wrapping serious cuts, or to be used as a sling in the event of a fracture, or to hold a head dressing on)
  8. Neosporin (for cuts and infection prevention)
  9. Prescription medications

While many experts will say that this is not nearly enough, I have never needed anything beyond these few items. In the past I carried a massive and all-inclusive trauma kit. The only result was that I got unnecessarily tired packing things I never used. This is not to say that these items will take care of all medical problems, but if the injury is serious, emergency personnel will be required anyway.

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