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Though the wilderness experience can be a “bare bones” one, most explorers carry a few luxury items with them. I am no exemption to this philosophy. Consider this, if you get stuck in your tent for a prolonged period of time, what are you going to do?

My toy of choice is a miniature GRUNDIG, AM-FM-Shortwave radio. It has a built-in speaker and also offers stereo sound with ear-buds. I have carried this radio for many a mile in the high country and never regretted its weight.

Other items that many backpackers carry include; harmonica, paperback books, a journal, deck of cards and miniature chess & checker board games. Some even carry other musical instruments specially designed for the wilderness. The Martin Guitar Co. makes a Backpacking Guitar. It weighs only a few pounds, but delivers a very nice sound for its size.  My “instruments of choice” are either a penny whistle or Native American flute.

The first time you get trapped in your tent for a few days, you’ll be glad you brought something to keep you busy.

Last modified on: February 12th 2013.
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