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Day Hiking

Day hiking has quickly become my favorite pastime.  Without the weight of a heavy pack you can add several miles, or several feet in elevation to your hike with no extra effort.

Before heading out make sure to read over the section entitled PLANNING YOUR ADVENTURE.  This will get you started in the right direction on the early phases of planning your trip.  Good planning always makes for a better experience.

Though day hiking shares elements with most outdoor activities it does hold a special charm, specifically that you can carry more “luxury” items than you may want when backpacking. 

Here’s a basic list of items I carry on day hikes.  You can add or delete as your personal taste dictates.  For more detailed information on equipment specifications go to the GEARING UP section of this website.

  1. Small backpack.
  2. Water containers of some type
  3. Lightweight poncho in case of rain
  4. First-Aid kit
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Camera with extra batteries & film (or memory cards if digital)
  7. Food
  8. Appropriate clothing for conditions
  9. Trash bags (2) for moisture barrier when sitting during breaks
  10. Binoculars (or monocular)
  11. Compass & maps
  12. Ziploc bags for whatever
  13. Extra boot laces
  14. Small amount of Duct tape for whatever
  15. Knife with serrated blade for whatever
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